If marketing is like wading in the ocean, then overseas marketing is like deep sea diving. After surveying 646 Chinese marketers and 2,000 overseas decision-makers, we made this guide to help Chinese B2B brands succeed as they enter the global market.
The massive global market presents tremendous opportunities for Chinese B2B brands. However, as we say in China, even good wine is hard to sell in an alley. Chinese B2B marketers face the challenge of breaking down long-standing stereotypes about Chinese brands.
Who are the decision makers that are buying from China?
You are likely to deal with senior managers and directors in their 40s. Over 50% of them work in the software and IT services industry and although the companies they represent are generally small, they order in large quantities.
Even though the vast majority of overseas decision makers are highly interested, our survey shows that only 5% would repeatedly choose Chinese brands.
Interest in Chinese brands alone doesn’t necessarily lead to purchasing decisions. Why is this?
Chinese B2B brands want to be known as “trustworthy” or “market leaders”, however, overseas decision makers generally choose Chinese brands because of their “low cost”.
Where did this stereotype come from and how can it be changed?
Currently, Chinese B2B marketers use personal social media to drive awareness and attend offline events to find new customers whereas the information channel used most frequently by overseas decision makers is professional social media.
LinkedIn ranks second among the digital media channels that overseas decision makers use to gather purchase-related information. Apart from search engines, have you picked the right digital platform?
Overseas decision makers actively use LinkedIn to gather market insights, collect supplier information, and share feedback about their purchases.
“Know yourself as well as the competition.” LinkedIn’s insights and solutions empower you to Win Globally.
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